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Oh, come on! It’s not real Stanley, don’t have a heart attack.

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Q&A Review: The past, the present and the future.  

Tonight we got to reminisce about the governments of the past from Chifley to Rudd and Whitlam in between. Really great qanda tonight when they got over discussing the economy and Tony Barry was a delight.

One thing worth discussing tonight was education. I can’t believe we’re still trying to convince politicians that deregulating uni fees will make uni an impossible goal for some people. My dad wouldn’t have gone to uni if it wasn’t for Whitlam making uni free and that opportunity means he got to become an accountant and provide for his two daughters to have the same opportunity but with HECS. The government keeps making the point that it’s not fair that the majority be paying for the minority to go to uni. Of all the things our tax money pays for and the percentage of wealth I think HECS is the least of the problem. 

I also find is amusing how Pyne talks about teacher quality and then makes it so expensive to become a teacher, like a person will pay off a $40,000 degree on a teacher’s wage, the man’s deluded. 

Finally a topic that should be given more clout; the stigma that goes along with disability and mental illness. I was shocked to hear people with disabilities are treated in such a way by security staff, it’s not on. Tony also made a really good point about disabled characters, the character themselves should be defined by more than their disability cause that way audiences will understand them better.

Great segue into next week’s panel for #MentalAs including panellists such as Bob Katter and Josh Thomas….I know I can’t wait to see how they interact.

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"We’re exactly the same."

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Friendly between Melbourne Victory and Sydney FC at North Hobart Oval on September 28, 2014 in Hobart, Australia.

Melbourne Victory 1 (Ben Khalfallah 90’) v Sydney FC 1 (Janko 21’)

Other Pre-Season Results:


movies that unexpectedly ruined my life ► once

What’s the Czech for ‘Do you love him’? - Milujes ho. - So, milujes ho? - …Miluju tebe.


favorite michael & holly moments > ‘an event that everyone talks about always and forever’ > (7x19) garage sale

You know what? let’s go for a little walk. i want to show you some stuff. […] this is where our love faces its toughest test. after this, it’s just smooth sailing for the rest of our lives.

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"Everyone always talks about your performances. What was your view on the way you’ve been performing on the way into this match?" 

Stevie’s post-derby interview

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Favorite Character Quotes Veronica Sawyer (Heathers)

"Tomorrow someone else is just gonna move into her place. That person could be me."

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